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Branding YOU! with Crystal Smith

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Branding YOU! with Crystal Smith

We live in a society that is consumed by people who choose brands from all professions that represent their aspirations, how they desire to look, live, feel and their spiritual connections. For decades many have related “brands” to just being logos. The day of a logo being your identity is over. Logos are created every five minutes of the day. The trick to the logo being designed is who will see it – will your intended audience see it? Will your consumer see it?  There is much, much more to moving from a name to a conversation!

This is one of the many specialties of Smith and Smith Media Group.  We go much deeper into identifying your audience, learning how to reach them, and determining how to let them know you exist as an option for their individual need. You want your brand to become a part of the consumer’s identity, collective consciousness and allow them to communicate it in their own languages that are visual, verbal, musical – and sometimes all three. There are levels of branding!

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